Sunday, March 7, 2010

Beauty at home & afar

This was taken at the Enchantment Resort in the Mii Amo Spa in Sedona Summer 2009. I can't for the life of me now recall what this room was called but before entering you wrote your troubles on a slip of paper and left it in a basket outside of the room. Once inside the circular room you sat on a bench where in the center of the room there was a piece of petrified wood with a crystal set in it bubbling with water. At each cardinal point (North, East, South, & West) were four more crystals set into the wall. The idea was to gaze into the crystals and kind of "free" your mind as you listened to the bubbling water. An intense and tranquil experience at the same time.

This was taken at Stone Gate Park on Route 25 in Oswego. It was shot as part of a scouting trip to locate a suitable location for a family photo shoot I did in Fall 2009. A very small park it borders the back of a neighborhood but also runs along a small creek. I can easily imagine myself sitting here on a Spring or Fall day reading or lending my face to the sun as I listen to the waters babble behind me.

This was taken in May of 2009 to revisit the beautiful gardens where my favorite & I had our wedding photos taken. We wandered through the paths, took some silly shots on the tanks, and there were more than a few "Do you remember?" moments. One of my favorite places to capture flora and fauna.

Another photo taken in Sedona in the Summer of 2009. This was a small reflecting pool outside of the Mii Amo Spa. One of my favorite trips with some of my closest friends.

This was taken in Spring either in 2005 or 2006 during my Spring Break. During a trip to visit my cousin Jessica who lives in Oregon she took me on a day trip to Belknap. We soaked in the hot springs pool and then spent the rest of the afternoon walking the grounds and taking photos. The beauty of the Pacific Northwest was stunning, although I didn't have my D90 I still managed to capture some amazing shots of Belknap, Mount Pisgah, Portland, and the coast. Unfortunately we were unable to go to Crater Lake due to the amount of snow and no snow tires or chains on the car, but maybe next trip, eh Jess?

The healing circle or what I think this is called... is located inside the Mii Amo Spa in Sedona, AZ. Maggie & I spent time awed by the beauty surrounding us while enjoying a glass of wine.

This was taken while hiking along the trails in Mount Pigsah in Oregon on my 2005/2006 Spring Break trip. I think I made it half way to the top complaining all the way I couldn't possibly get all the way up. Thankfully I did stick with it and after a rest I was able to climb to the top to take in some stunning views of the landscape.


Steve said...

beautiful as usual. My girlfriend took nearly the same shot at Cantigny--they used it on their promotion site. Makes me want to go dig my toes into the earth & heal.

Steve said...

The "Steve said" should say "Beth said." LOL

JaL said...

Thanks for the kind words....did you find me randomly or through someone else? Thanks for stopping by either way =) Best, Jen

JaL said...

Never mind I'm such a blonde sometimes lol beth I forgot your husband's name is Steve =)

Alison said...

Hi - the room at Mii amo is called the Crystal Grotto :)

JaL said...

Yes!!! That's it...thanks =) Thanks for stopping by and I hope you come by again! Best, Jen