Monday, March 1, 2010

My latest lens...

Hello my baby, hello my darlin, hello my macro lens.....

I have wanted a macro lens for what seems like a billion years.....ok since 1996 when I purchased my first slr (a pentax zx-5o). I had to settle with using +1, +2, +4 filters until now. I love macro photography. I always have since I was little. I have no idea what show or magazine it was from but something I used to watch or read would show macro shots and you had to figure out what the larger object was. I LOVED this and I was amazingly good at figuring out what the item was. Ok enough talk let me show you what I mean.

My important corks collection.
(I'll be sure to photog the whole thing later so you have a clue what my "important corks collection" is.)

"ARL" the initials of my favorite inscribed in my wedding band. I may be the only one who finds this humorous, but the plan was to include initials and date of the wedding. My band fit the first but not the second, his did. Coincidence or no? He will never have the excuse of forgetting our anniversary date =)

These little jerks have invaded my home, how about yours?

I refer to them as "man bugs" as they are clearly not the red hued lady bugs of my youth.

woohoo A-town!

I'm loving my new macro lens and will be starting a new post on Fridays. No idea what it will be called but it will be reminiscent of the macro images of my youth, a guessing game of sorts. Every Friday afternoon I will be posting a macro image for you to figure out what it is. Please give it a whirl...I might even send you a prize if you're right =)


Melissa said...

amazing pictures! I look forward to Fridays! I'm in on the contest and may I suggest, great prizes would be a "surprise" copy of anyone of the many photos you have taken to display proudly in our homes!

JaL said...

Thanks Melissa =) That is a great idea and a great way to get my art out there!

Kristine said...

Awww, the ladybug/manbug looks so cute and non-invasive in your photo! I really like the close-ups of maps! I think that would actually be a really cool thing to have on the wall-a close up picture of your town on a maps. That could be a cool housewarming gift (ahem). I will definitely tune in to your Friday macro picture. And now that I know what a "macro" lens is, I feel less bad about not being able to take close up pictures with my crappy little digital camera!

JaL said...

Yeah the so called macro featuer on point & click cameras is kind of a joke....especially when you see how close a true macro can get =) No worries I'll take all the macro shots you want!