Wednesday, March 3, 2010

35 Things

I recently stumbled upon several blogs I really liked and have chosen to follow...due to their photography, writings, style, whatever reason it touched me and I want to immerse myself in more of it.

I found this idea through this site and borrowed/stole/adapted it for myself. I already have started a 100 things to do before I die list (although ashamedly I've only managed to come up with about 20 things or so, mainly traveling goals). Regardless this sounded like fun short term goals and they are not written in stone so it doesn't matter to anyone but me if I complete them this year or the next or the one after that or not until it's become my 54th list! Without further ado I give to you my

35 things before 36 list

  1. set up my Etsy shop
  2. start collecting vintage cameras (have at least one by next year)
  3. complete my 365 project
  4. set up a diptych project with someone
  5. swing in a park
  6. take down my third Christmas tree before having to put it back up in Dec.
  7. switch my dogs to a raw diet
  8. get a tattoo
  9. complete a scrapbook
  10. read more & keep track of how many books I've read in a year to blog later
  11. take a girls only get away
  12. blog more actual posts besides just pictures
  13. start blogging wordless Wednesdays
  14. finish organizing the photos I'm backlogged on
  15. walk in the rain
  16. send more letters and cards to the ones I love
  17. be a better gardener
  18. take my Mom to Chicago Botanical Gardens
  19. put a patio on the back of the house
  20. reconcile with my sister
  21. start making my own wine
  22. dress more professionally at work
  23. take my favorite horseback riding
  24. successfully grow tomatoes
  25. visit the art institute
  26. get a zoo membership
  27. go to the ballet
  28. take my favorite to Starved Rock
  29. start a book club that lasts longer than 2-3 books
  30. stick with my gym routine
  31. take a photography class
  32. plan to do a photo shoot at least once a month
  33. learn at least 20 photoshop tricks
  34. be angry less and positive more
  35. be a better wife, friend, daughter, sister, aunt


Momma Val said...

Ooh, great list! And not sure if you are interested BUT I am a member of Morton. Perhaps if you want to take pics I can meet you there and get you in free and hang for a bit til kids get tired then you can hang around as long as you like and take loads of pics? LMK :)

JaL said...

That would be great! Let's pick a day that's a little bit warmer? My Spring break is coming up the end of March through to the first week in does that sound?

Momma Val said...

Sounds good! AND we will hang with you for a bit and get ya in, then we will head out when kiddos get cranky (doesn't take long) and you can stay behind and wander with your camera :)

JaL said...

yay! I'm excited =)