Friday, March 26, 2010

It's Friday!  That means it's Spring Break!  oh wait that's right it's Macro Friday ha!  Dearest ladies (ok, ok men as well since I know David & Tony play along...perhaps Nash & the Erics too?) Thank you for your continued support & participation!  I like to think you play along each Friday not for the prize (not like it's an all expenses paid cruise-but hey if I could I would!) but for the fun & the enjoyment of seeing my work, my so-called "art", & whatever I happen to come up with to rack your thank you again for visiting my blog =)   Away we go!

Full frames & results posted after Sunday noon CST.  Winner will be awarded a custom made set of notecards.   Good Luck!


Momma Val said...

OK, so I think I got them all but one?
1-hose faucet handle
3-gas cap
4-mail box
5-gate latch
6-wind chime
7-electric meter
8-light bulb
9-family spitoon?!....
10-door bell
12-light fixture

Kristine said...

You went outside!! :)
1. Hose water control thingy-what's it called?
2. Gutter
3. Gas Cap
4. Mailbox
5. Lock and bolt (on fence?)
6. Wind Chimes
7. Meter (outside)
8. Dryer Tubing
9. Faucet
10. Doorbell
11. Siding
12. Outside lamp

jill said...

Here goes....

1. Outdoor spigot handle
2. End of a down spout
3. An ignition switch
4. Edge of a piece of wood
5. A slide bolt
6. Chimes
7. Gas or Electric Meter
8. Outdoor flood light
9. Watering can
10. Door bell
11. House siding
12. Porch Light

This is fun! :-)

Melissa said...

1. ??? (I give up! something outside with frost on it! Some piece of hardware or something!)
2.rain gutter
3. gas cap
4. a wood board
5. fence lock
6. wind chimes
7. electric meter
8. car headlight
9. spicket
10. door bell or garage door opener button
11. siding
12. lamp post

Mer said...

1. outside water faucet knob
2. downspout of a gutter
3. ??? grill knob - we're lost on this one
4. mailbox
5. fence gate lock
6. wind chime
7. electric meter
8. outside spotlight
9. hose nozzle???
10. doorbell
11. siding on your house
12. porch light