Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 12 Up close

I'm a huge fan of macro photography....if you follow the site you may recall I used to host Macro Mondays.  So when it came to this photo prompt I had almost too many ideas on what I wanted to try to use.  I ended up going with an old standby of flowers.  It was a bonus when I found a petal with a bug hanging out.

Day 12
 Up close

Day 11 Something fun

For this prompt I originally was planning on shooting a picture of a swing set or swings at a park but time got away from me and there's wasn't enough light when I needed it.  To say I made my favorite play a game with me so I could complete this challenge is a bit of a stretch.  He lives for games and as of late the gaming choice has been board games.  Although I'm partial to a good game of cards he's taken over the basement family room with his board game addiction.  That being said it was pretty easy to pick a game and set it up for the shot.  If memory stands correct I think he beat the pants off of me at Jaipur.

Day 11
 Something fun

Day 10 Something I made

This was a toss up.  It was either my dinner plate (boring-who wants to look at food?!)  Or I could take a picture of my dear little favorite.  Granted I had help "making" her but I like to think I get more of the credit since I was the one who had to "cook" her & carry her with me for nine months!  I like to think I did a pretty damn good job.

Day 10
Something I made

Day 9 Faceless self portrait

I have a thing for feet...not a fetish mind you!  There's just something endearing to me about feet, especially baby feet.  Since this was a self-portrait picture I had to make do with my feet otherwise my little favorite's would be making an appearance.

Day 9 
Faceless self-portrait 

Day 8 Technology

It seems each passing year there are more and more gadgets to be had or ones you can't live without.  Having a baby definitely increases that number.  These days most of these objects aren't too far away from me and usually are within hand or hand's reach.

Day 8

Monday, October 10, 2011

Day 7 Something new

I'm a hockey fan...yes it's true; weird for a girl but it's true.  Originally growing up I was a home town team lover (Chicago Blackhawks) but once my favorite & I started dating the enthusiasm he had for his team was contagious.  One of our first dates was at a Chicago/Detroit game & it was there that I began to appreciate the style and grace that they played with.  Over the years that my favorite & I have been together my love for hockey and the Redwings has grown so much so that one of our Great Danes (Maltby) was named after one of my favorite players Kirk Maltby & when we were expecting our daughter the Redwings made an appearance in our maternity photo shoot.  Here's to a great 2011-2012 season!

Day 7 Something new

Day 6 Childhood memory

For this prompt I originally thought of taking a picture of swings but by the time I got around to it the light was fading fast.  Since books have always been a love of mine since I was little and continue to be a major factor in my life I figured they would make a great photo.  I have a lot of my books leftover from when I was a little girl but these I recall being some of my absolute favorites.  They are well loved and falling apart & I'm sure if I want to read them again I should probably invest in a new boxed set!

Day 6
Childhood memory

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day 5 Someone I love

So technically I'm cheating since this has two someones I love...but the prompt doesn't specify if it should be a new love, an old one, or current.  So since it's open to interpretation I went with this pic; it's up to you to determine who exactly is the someone.

Day 5
Someone I love

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 4 Favorite color

My favorite color is blue in all of it's varied shades and hues; maybe because it's the one color I feel is flattering on me.  Although I don't tend to wear it in shirts or sweaters much I do have an abundance of blue jeans...again in varying shades & hues as well as cuts (boot, skinny, trouser) & types (favorite pair, feeling fat pair, comfy pair, feeling sexy pair, goal weight pair, etc.)

Day 4
Favorite color

Monday, October 3, 2011

Day 3 Clouds

Today's challenge indeed proved to be just that.  This morning there was a cloud or two but only due to airplane vapor and by midday the weather man was actually correct for a change!  Plentiful sunshine (which sadly meant zero clouds).  I thought of drawing a picture but my artistic skills when it comes to drawing are sadly lacking.  Instead it was my good friend Google image search to the rescue.

Day 3

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day 2 What I wore

For day two I struggled with what I should chose to shoot....should I pick something I always wear such as my wedding ring, should it be something I wore for the day like the pjs I had on until 11:00AM?  Should I go with something more thought provoking such as a memorable item I wore like my wedding dress or the shirt I was wearing the day I went to the hospital when my daughter was born?  In the end I went with a literal item and picked my apron which I wore today while baking four loaves of zucchini bread and a dutch apple pie.  You can find a cute apron for yourself here, (mine was a Christmas present), the pie recipe here, and while this isn't the exact recipe I use for my zucchini bread it's pretty close.  Enjoy!

Day 2
What I wore

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Day 1 self portrait

My friend Dana & I are attempting to flex our photography muscles by completing projects having to do with different photo themes.  The first we are trying out is a 30 day photo challenge using these prompts.  In order for me to not only increase my photo taking (which has been sorely lacking as of late) but also to increase my blogging (which also has fallen to the wayside) I figured having a partner in crime would keep me accountable.  I'll be posting my pictures here daily and both of our photos can be found here.  Check back daily to see what I've captured!  Here's day number one - self portrait.

Day 1
Self Portrait