Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Book Review-Down River

So after my initial struggles to get through The Story of Edgar Sawtelle I was a bit hesitant to pick up another book.  I have been reading a lot of young adult fiction (thanks to my friend Maggie who is a middle school Language Arts teacher).  Not to slight YA fiction but it is extremely easy and so leisurely to read!  So after having read titles such as Hunger Games, Catching Fire, Shiver, and The Mortal Instruments series, I found myself thinking maybe it's me.  Maybe I ruined my reading capabilities by going the easy route with YA fiction.  I am an avid reader you could even say voracious....my favorite (#100 in my 365 project) is often amazed at how quickly I read.  By the way I highly recommend any of those YA quick reads just as a side note.

So having returned all of my checked out library books (since having a deadline to read them doesn't often encourage me to get through them because of the renewing option), I decided to actually pick up one of the many books I have laying around my house.  When I say many, I mean a whole room dedicated to my books.  Seeing as though it also shares space with my scrapbooking supplies and is only about 10x12 it can't really be considered a library.  I call it my reading room or if I'm feeling crafty it becomes my scrapping room.

I decided on Down River by John Hart (never heard of the author or title before) but Maggie lent it to me so seeing as though I can't really renew through her I figured I should read it and return it.  What a great little find this one was!  I found I can enjoy reading, it isn't me, and damn I'm fast.  I started this one around noon on Sunday and finished it up right before bed Sunday night at ten.  Quick read, nice character development, and fun little unexpected twist at the end.  I won't say it left me thinking about it after finishing it (as the book reviews on the jacket said I would) BUT it did it's job.  It entertained, it wasn't labor intensive, and it got me back into my reading mode.  I have such a bad habit of reading like crazy....anything I can get my hands on, a book a day or every other day especially if I'm on vacation and can spare the time...but I also tend to fall out of it and not pick up a book for months on end.  I tend to find myself doing this with food, alcohol, and hobbies as well.  Hrmmm I'm sensing a personality trait here. 

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