Friday, March 19, 2010

On my mind @ the moment:

  • irritated by the weekend forecast
  • annoyed with the new 2" long hole my dogs put into the wall while i was at work
  • hoping i get to see one of my favorite gal pals tonight
  • wondering why tonite isn't used more than tonight seeing as though (can't it be tho?) grey & gray are both accepted
  • how much i hate my dirty house....could someone please Un-invent dust?
  • happy my favorite will be home an hour earlier than usual
  • disappointed with the buttery garlic popcorn i made for a snack
  • enjoying the phrase "morning yawn" when referring to Spring Crocus like these beauties
  • elated to see two boxes from my wine of the month clubs had come
  • wistful for Spring, despite the first day of it being tomorrow the weather will argue
  • reminded by how much i love and the new artists it has introduced me to
  • sad that my next disc of weeds season 5 won't be here until Monday =(
  • anticipating laughing my ass off at my favorite and e.s. playing ddr @ dave & buster's

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