Friday, March 5, 2010

On the small side....

Being that it's Friday & I promised a macro post let me explain how this will work. Each person makes their best guess as to what the object is and posts their comment. The person who has the most correct guesses will win. You have until Sunday 12:00 p.m. Central Standard Time to post with the winner being announced later that day. The person who guesses the most correctly will be awarded an 8x10 of one of my prints of their chosing. Good Luck!


Momma Val said...

OK, I think I have a few? A bra hook/loop, a rivet on jeans, and a fancy bottle opener? Tell me I am totally off? I mean my guesses Jen, not my personality :)

Kristine said...

My guesses:
1. Faucet (?)
2. Old Navy button
3. Phone jack
4. Bra hook/loop thingy
5. Deadbolt (?)
These were hard! But in a fun way :) I looked at them for at least 10 minutes, took some time to process, then looked again! I'll be happy if I get any right!

Neustadt Family said...

I am not sure if am doing this right...
1. Fancy letter decoration
2. Old Navy Jean button
3. Phone Jack
4. Bra hook
5. Shoe hook
Your pictures are awesome Jen!!!

Neustadt Family said...

By the way....the Neustadt Family is Leslie (Kristine's friend) :)

JaL said...

LOL you guys aren't going to believe this but currently I have a three way tie....Val if you can figure out two more you may pull ahead! I'll wait until 12:00 as promised since I think Melissa and Beth may comment and hopefully Steph too.

Thanks everyone for participating....when I announce the winner(s) I'll post the whole picture of the items.
Stayed tuned!

Momma Val said...

Phone Jack and dental floss? Think I missed your deadline though, I was making brownies for my moms b-day. Or is that 12 midnight?

JaL said...

Technically yes but I'm not that much of a stickler =) Will post the winner(s) and the whole photos shortly!

Momma Val said...
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Momma Val said...

I found the picture I would like as my prize. Day 97, the one I wanted to blow up and put over my bed. Can you please sign and date the back for me too? It is a great picture and I love it and I also think this game is very fun and really addicting as I am supposed to be cleaning and showering while baby is napping and all I could do is stare at the new items in your new game the entire time :)