Thursday, March 11, 2010

For the love of color week

This past week I participated in a creative challenge posted at this blog that I recently started following.  I can't wait for Spring and this was a great exercise to focus my eye to look for that "something specific".  Here are the photos I choose to use for the love of color week......

A hint of healthy or so I called it....also the first picture I took with my new macro lens.

An accesory I found at the Jaclyn shop in downtown Oswego.

A row of tea bags in the shop at the Village Grind.  For a supposedly friendly place I was pretty much yelled at by the lady working there for taking pictures of their precious items.

Gorgeous prom dresses arranged by color in The Jaclyn Shop.

An island off the coast of Belize that is a bird santuary for the (don't laugh I swear this is what they are called) Red Footed Booby.

My fabulous $20 shoes from the fancy French store Target.

A red rose from my garden from last year....with a baby grasshopper.


At Risk said...

These photos are fantastic!!!!!!
I love pictures that are simple yet beautiful.

JaL said...

Thank you!