Friday, March 19, 2010

Small scale

Here we go.....for those of you who have played along you know how it works.  Those of you who are new to the game here is how it does....  Pictures are posted on Fridays.  You have until Sunday 12:00 p.m. Central Standard time to post your guesses.  You can either leave a comment on the blog post (comments will be kept private & moderated until Sunday), send me a message on Facebook, or e-mail me your guesses at  The winner will be the person or persons (we've had a tie two weeks in a row now) who guesses the most correctly.  The prize this week will be a set of custom made notecards with the initial of your choosing; such as these:

As always thanks for participating and following along each Friday.....Good Luck!


Kristine said...

I don't think I did very well, but here are my guesses:
1. Broom
2. Margarita Glass
3. Lid (to a pot/pan)
4. Pinecome
5. Barometer
6. Bathtub thingy where you can close the drain
7. Sincerely no clue
8. Music Box
9. Shower curtain rings
10. Pounded my head, but don't know
11. Fan
12. Packing peanuts

Mer said...

Am I too late??
2. bottom of a beer bottle
3. sink
4. pinecone
5. the Galileo thermometer
6. ? meat tenderizer?? long shot!
7. door lock
8. ?
9. braclets
10. perfume atomizer
11. ice cube tray
12. popcorn kernel

Melissa said...

I know I'm too late, I've been out of town all weekend, but I like guessing just for fun, so here it goes, I just started looking at them!

1. broom
2. bottom of beer bottle
3. pot lid
4. mop
6. door lock
7. dead bolt
8. ??
9. some sort of rings?
10. bathroom faucet of something
11. sink drying rack
12. popcorn

jill said...

Since I'm seeing the answers, I know I'm too late. I'll try this next week. I love this type of thing (although these are very difficult!)

JaL said...

Nah no one's too late I was worried no one wanted to play this week. Actually Val is refraining since she won two weeks in a row and she was confident she knew most of them!

Melissa I mailed your picture yesterday so be on the look out =)

Jill thanks for stopping's always nice to see new faces checking me out!

I'll have the results and full frame shots up sometime this evening! Thanks again for playing...Jen