Monday, May 24, 2010

Macro Monday is back....

It's back..... if you didn't know I was a procrastinator, you surely do now!  I promise, promise, promise to those of you who have won previously (you know who you are, please don't rat me out!)  I will send your pictures soon!  Life is crazy, life is busy, & with trying to start up a photog biz on the side it's been hectic & stressful too!  I'm sure you all know the rules by now, if not you can read about it here.  Good luck!


Melissa said...

1. foot of metal frame or decor
2. keys
3. hair clip
4. measuring spoon handle
5. dollar bill
6. label on salted sweet cream butter
7. iphone button
8. ?
9. Hands of clock
10. ?

Kristine said...

1. part of a shelf?
2. key
3. hair clip
4. ???
5. dollar
6. butter wrapper
7. remote
8. orbit gum
9. clock hands
10. ???