Sunday, May 2, 2010

Macro Full frame & winners

Nice turnout!  We have a three way tie this week...Here is what you all guessed and number correct:
Winners take a look around and let me know which picture you're interested in.  (Jill I'll add yours from last week to this order to save on s/h....sorry for the delay!)  Winners are Tony, Dana, & Val.  Thanks again everyone for playing along =)  Be sure to check back tomorrow for next week's pictures....

Beth 6 out of 10
Kristine 5 out of 10
Jill 2 out of 10
Melissa 4 out of 10
Tony 8 out of 10
Val 8 out of 10
Meredith 7 out of 10
Dana 8 out of 10


jill said...

WOW!! You sure do zoom in!! Congrats to everyone with a better eye than me!! :-)

JaL said...

A lot of people did well, others not so much and one person thought they were so difficult she didn't even try! Can't wait to see yours today! I always forget too late to play along...I always look at them on Monday and think I'll take a second look and post at a later date & then Wednesday comes and goes =/