Sunday, May 9, 2010


Caught up (at least for now!)

Day 180

Day 181

Day 182

Day 183

Day 184

Day 185

Day 186

Day 187

Day 188

Day 189

Day 190


jill said...

I love seeing all your glorious photos together!! :-) Those dragonfly wings are superb!

JaL said...

Thanks Jill....I hope someday you can see them in person =)

Momma Val said...

Hey, I LOVE these!!! Nice work! I am hoping that I can get 182 for my recent win? I HEART DRAGONFLIES!!! Also, what is the plant in 185? We walked the marsh in Warrenville (need to go there if you haven't been, loads of birds/plants/froggies/snakes/etc.) the other day and they were everywhere and my mom (who knows almost every plant in the universe) didn't know either?

JaL said...

185 is a red trillium...they are native IL wildflowers, they also come in white and more rarely yellow. Never heard of or have been to the Warrenville Marsh..please share details & I'll share #182 =)

Momma Val said...

OK, here ya go:

To get to McKee Marsh, take Route 59 to Mack Road in Warrenville. Turn east and continue until you see the parking lot for McKee Marsh on the north side of the street. Take the path north from the parking lot.

Bring comfy shoes and umbrella/bugspray/etc. The main trail is almost 3 miles long and really a nice long walk/hike. Just make sure to check out the trail map first or you could take the wrong path. May want a zoom lens because it's a national bird sanctuary and there are tons of birds of all kinds!