Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Will you be my muse?

I need a favor.....

It seems as though there are no original concepts anymore (either that or I am incredibly unimaginative).   Take my blog name for instance (sure I like it now but it took a day and half to come up with something), in the end it wasn't even me who picked it, that credit goes to my favorite.  I'm having the same problem with coming up with a domain name and this time my favorite's best pick was "" (don't even get me started on it).  Every time I think I've found something great, brilliant, original it's taken.  Even the funky stuff you'd swear no one would think to use, yeah they used it.  I've tried anagram makers, I've made lists, I've tried this neat little site called & now I'm stooping to bribery.  Yep, it's true.  I've enlisted my good friend Maggie to run a contest with the students she teaches (90 eighth graders should be able to come up with something).  The best part is it's only going to cost me a candy bar....if I pick one of their suggestions and it's not already in use. 

So my dear ones this is where you all come in!  Yes there's bribery in it for you as well and no it's not candy...I need a domain for my photography site.  I have tried jalphoto, jal photography, jalimages, lookinglass, naturalight (that's a beer by the way a nasty one at that!), availablelight, capturedlight, jalight, amomentinlight, bestillphotography, clementinephotography, and countless others I can't recall.

Here's the nitty gritty:

1. I would love for the name to have JAL in it somewhere, somehow (my initials), variants can be JAB (maiden name), JA, J, JL, Jen, JLaz, etc.  If you can't work with that try to include one of the following: photography, photo, image, images, light, or any other word you think relates to photography.  If you need some more specific info about me here's a bit of help: favorite color is blue, I love the ocean, my dogs, nature, flowers, trees, water.

2.  Things to avoid: cutesy or schmoopy names, obscure endings (would like it to be .com).

What's in it for you:

1.  If you live in my immediate area (state of IL to be exact) you will win a photo shoot at the location of your choice with all of the images taken burned to a cd.

2.  If you do not live near me I will gladly ship to you your choice of  (a) one 16x20 image of your choice (b) two 8x10 images of your choice or (c) three 5x7 images of your choice (all from my blog posts).

 As stated above you will win if your domain name is chosen and is available!  Much love! 


Momma Val said...

I'm pretty good at this I'll think hard for you when I can. How about J'La? Ha! Just kidding. Couldn't help myself, thought you could use a laugh. Maybe something with cheese and lazy? I don't know but it HAS to be original. Missing all the brain cells I partied away and the others that melted away with each pregnancy :(

JaL said...

Thanks Val! I appreciate any thoughts you have, you never know when one idea will spark another =)

jill said...

j-lazphotography is available!! :-)

Momma Val said...

Jens Lens? I dig it!!!