Monday, May 10, 2010


I love these women & am so happy they are in my life! They are all equally beautiful inside & out =)

My darling Jen...after a thirteen year hiatus (long damn story) I reconnected with this lovely lady who shares not only my name but a love of wine, gardening, & danes!

Oh what to say about this girly of mine?  Maggie is my sister from another Mother, my partner in crime,
my Friday night "tiebreaker" partner, a wonderful Mom, the best book suggestor ever (seriously!)  There is nothing I wouldn't do for this lady....she's more beautiful than she gives herself credit!

My girl Steph
A recent mentor to this lovely young woman she taught me as much as I think I taught her.  She has a heart of gold, as fierce as a lion's, and as big as the Atlantic.  This gal is one of those who has had  more than her fair share of "let's kick her while she's down" but yet always manages to prevail with strength & tenacity.

Yours truly trying to capture a shot with my lovely ladies with the tripod (just FYI running through mud in 2" heels on a 10 second timer is not nearly enough time!)


Momma Val said...

Nice pictures! Really, really beautiful. The way you capture each person and describe them in words is art. Sorry I missed it, though glad or I would have broken the camera, for sure :)

JaL said...

Thanks Val =) I tried my best to speak from the heart about each of them. No worries this wasn't a formal shoot, just an impromptu one when all of our guys were together.