Tuesday, May 11, 2010

10 random things

I found this neat post on a blog I follow and thought what the heck let's see what I can come up with!  Here they are off the top of my head......

10 random things about me

1. I'm happiest when I'm near the ocean.

2. Sometimes I think my husband is right when he accuses me of loving my dogs more than him.

3. I think trees are really old souls and are heralds of days gone by.

4. I love the smell and feel of a book and will never trade that for an e-reader or kindle.

5. I could live off of cheese, crackers, & wine if I had to.

6. Good cutlery (Wusthof) & good cookware (Calphalon) makes cooking more enjoyable.

7. I am brutally honest sometimes to a fault.

8. I never lie (seriously).

9. My husband makes me laugh everyday & it's a good thing since my main emotion is anger (I'm working on it!).

10. When I grow up I would love to have a cottage by the beach, own my own photography studio, foster great danes, and still be married to my favorite person.


K.Nelson said...

Thanks for the comment. Love your, photography and your ten random things.

E.B. Loan said...

Heaven is..."a cottage by the beach, my own studio, fostering danes, my favorite one."
Love it.

Kristine said...

Re: #2...My ex, "Mr. Obligation," accused me of something similar-he said I cared more about animals than people, and that if there were a fire, I'd rescue the animals first. He wasn't entirely wrong...;) #3 You and my mom need to hang out.

JaL said...

K....thanks =)

Beth-I knew you would we're two peas in a pod born a generation apart =)

Kristine-that's one quality I love about you and I agree with. I love most animals more than half the people I know =/

JennBen said...

We are so much alike it scares me! The more people I meet, the more I love my dogs :)

JaL said...

Jen if only we had know how many years ago?

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with these Jen. For me though #1 I am happiest when I am by the lake. Don't know by I have to see the other side of things.