Monday, April 26, 2010

The macro has moved!!

That's right we're moving on up!!! (or over? sideways? lateral?) no clue what a move in the week is called but I'm doing it!  Due to lack of responses for the past few posts, I figured you all were too damn busy on your weekends to bother with the computer let alone to check my blog post contest so I am choosing to move my macro posts to Mondays.  Besides Macro Monday is so much smoother than Macro Friday.  I also decided I'm going to make a conscious effort to only post 10 images each week.  The nitty gritty before we get down to it:  winner(s) are awarded one 8x10 pic of their choosing from my posted photos.  Posts will be up sometime Monday evening and will remain up with comments moderated until Friday afternoon.  Please post your guesses here in the comments section, send me an e-mail or a message on facebook.  Good Luck =)


Momma Val said...

OK, phew, I thought you were going to quit. And that is exactly why I have not been doing it. Weekends are too dang busy. Glad you are switching! Here goes:
1 strawberry
2 shell and sand
3 zipper
4 lock
5 stove burner (or crack pipe? jk lol)
6 coffee bean
7 button on shirt
8 foot file (ewwwwwww!)
9 no clue!
10 toilet paper

jill said...

Man...these are hard!!

My best shot...

1. peas
2. sand
3. lawn chair fabric
4. kitchen drain
5. no clue
6. no clue
7. no clue
8. no clue
9. stove burner
10. toilet paper

I'll keep coming back to see if I can guess any more.

jill said...

clarification...#2 sand with a sea shell!

Mer said...

1. strawberry
2. seashell in sand
3. couch cushion
4. key lock/hole
5. gas burner on stove
6. coffee bean
7. button on coat
8. ice cream sandwich
9. window pane
10. paper towel

Mer & Greg

Dana said...


1. Strawberry
2. Sand/Seashell
3. Zipper
4. Keyhole
5. Burner
6. Coffee bean?
7. Button
8. ?
9. Window panes
10. Paper towel

Anthony said...

sand & shell
door lock
gas burner (stove top)
coffee beans
shirt & button
(no idea)
(no idea)
Paper towel roll

Melissa said...

chair upholstery
gas burner
coffee bean
bottom of shoe
iron decor
paper towel

Kristine said...

Oh balls, I'm late!! I'm so sorry Jen, I completely forgot until last night. I wrote down my answers and then got distracted. For what it's worth, here they are:
1. Strawberry
2. Brown sugar
3. Zipper
4. Lampshade
5. Stove burner
6. Seeds
7. Button/shirt
8. Ice cream treat (?)
9. Heating vent
10. Paper towel