Sunday, April 25, 2010


Yuck!  Being sick sucks and it seriously effects my ability & spirit for here are four images to catch up for my four sick days of absence.

Flowers from my garden for a friend
Day 165

A dying bloom....
Day 166

This last beautiful bloom came from an azalea bush I dug up since it was dying & I was rewarded with one last lovely blossom.

Sweet treats for my Bubbas
Day 167

Ikea Style
Day 168


jill said...

you do flowers so well! and those doggie treats look good enough to eat. the lighting on the bookcase is splendid!

glad to know you're feeling better!

JaL said...

Thanks Jill =) You could eat those if you want they're from a doggie bakery that uses human grade ingredients.

Momma Val said...

Ooooooh, Love 165! Could be a greeting card or framed photo. All are really nice.

JaL said...

Thanks Val =)