Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Patch of blue
Day 164


jill said...

let there be light! stunning!

hope you're feeling better. i've been sneezing all week. And little Simon goes into sneezing frenzies about 2-3 times a day...poor little guy..but his nose must be like a little vacuum when he wanders around outside.

JaL said...

Thanks Jill....I finally feel about 95% human today. Sorry to hear you aren't feeling that great either =(

Keep an eye on Simon we recently went through a major nasal thing with our one dane. She had a nasal infection which required appts with specialists, a CT scan, a rhinoscopy, and going under twice. She's healthy now but only after 4k later yeouch!

georgia b. said...

lovely framing in this shot. i love the black silhouette against the sky.

yes... woodstock, illinois is the woodstock where i grew up. do you know it?

jill said...

Ouch!! Glad to hear that it all worked out, though, and she got better. We've also spent thousands on our little guy when he was younger. Long story but we almost lost him do to veterinary medicine.

JaL said...

Georgia...yes grew up in a town about 45 mins from Chicago & went to community college in Sugar Grove which is off of 47. The road signs always had markers for how many miles to Woodstock. I think it always stuck out because of the famous Woodstock, NY.

Jill-glad to hear he's ok!