Saturday, April 3, 2010

Website names

So I've been thinking about a website for sometime and a possible name change.  I've watermarked all of my shots with jal photography (my initials) since my name maiden or married doesn't really lend itself to a roll off the tongue moniker.  The problem I've run into is unless you pay for a specific domain (which at this point I'm just going for a free site) you are stuck with their site in point.  But I've noticed when I google Jal photography several things deviant art portfolio sort of showed up (meaning it found it but it was someone with the same initials) or it found everyone else who has those initials and a website with them. I come up with a variation of what I already have been using?  I don't mind my watermark although eventually I would like to add an image to it.  I had thought of using my Grandmother's maiden name since it's a nice common easily pronounceable name.  But I also am kind of drawn to photo studios that aren't just the persons name.  I like the idea and I don't.  I think just a name is more professional and I'm definately NOT one for cutesy.  I've even gone so far as to try an online anagram maker using words that define me and things I love.

Help me people!  I need your thoughts, imput, ideas, suggestions....anything =)


jill said...

You are asking a major question here...your identity!! Since I'm pretty new to the photography scene, but not necessarily to the art world, I think the more serious studios tend to market their name in some fashion. I like your name, but I do understand it's quite long, but J. Lazaroski sounds very nice. It rolls of the tongue very easily and will definitely give you a specific identity. That would be my pick!

BTW...that geese shot is unbelievable!

JaL said...

LOL you should see the river in the Fall/Winter...there's no water it's so full of geese. that's actually one of my sister-in-laws favorite shots. I copied and sent it to her for her birthday on 4/5 =) Oh and it was some tweaking in PS and some actions from Pioneer Woman...if i recall correctly it was Old west, with sepia?

E.B. Loan said...

It is a dilemma...for sure. If you want to be recognized by your name--then the name (or some variation thereof) is the way to go. Have you considered using JAL Photography with a tagline? Ex.
JAL Photography--
Impressions on Film.
JAL Photography--
Life in Stills
With the website deal--use Go Daddy if you buy the domain. It's cheap. But don't buy their web packages--they suck.
Building and marketing is fun & a major time drain. You'll love & hate it all at once!

Momma Val said...

I LOVE Cricket's Eye View!!! Maybe a cricket with your initials integrated possibly? That is what I would do if I had a client with the same quandry, at least try it for rough. Good luck! Or the crickets legs would be your initials? Sounds like a sketch job for a gd hubby :)

JaL said...

Lots of good ideas =) Thanks everyone!