Monday, June 6, 2011

Vintage Cameras

On my 35 before turning 36 list #2 was to start collecting vintage cameras.  I received the first from my favorite for Christmas last year (Kodak Tourist II) and then my Mom gave me the second (Brownie No 2C) which belonged to my Grandmother so it has special meaning to me.  At a recent garage sale/junk foray trip I stumbled upon a super cute shop and had such a great time browsing the wares and found the third (Brownie Bullet), not to mention a few super cute props (a post for another day....especially after I've had a chance to use them!)  Over the weekend I dragged my favorite to our local flea/antique market and struck gold!  I didn't buy every one I saw but I did purchase five more cameras.  Pretty atypical I thought since when I usually am on the lookout for something I can never find it.  I purchased a Brownie Target six 16, an Ansco box camera, an Agfa Trolix, a Polaroid Land camera 160, and a Pocket Premo.  After a little bit of research I was able to identify what I had purchased along with the dates they were manufactured.  Now to get a display case to store these lovelies!

Kodak Tourist II

Brownie No 2C

Brownie Bullet

Target Brownie Six 16


Agfa Trolix (The Box 14)
Germany 1936-1940

Polaroid Land Camera 160

Pocket Premo

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