Sunday, April 17, 2011

36 things before 37

1.  Edit photos from past shoots and post
2.  Update my photography website
3.  Catch up on blog posts that I follow
4.  Read double the number of books as last year (80)
5.  Select pictures for my friends and family wall to print and hang
6.  Start my "dog wall"
7.  Finishing dating and cataloging my photographs
8.  Update my "corks" shadowbox
9. Organize and catalog my recipes
10.  Make a list of scrap/crafty projects
11. Take a girls weekend trip
12.  Get a zoo membership
13.  Go to the ballet
14.  Go the art institute
15.  Create a separate blog for baby L
16.  Have a piece of jewelry made
17.  Switch from plastic containers to all glass non-BPA containers 
18.  Get a Costco membership
19.  Run a 2nd 5k
20.  Blog once a week
21.  Include myself in more pictures
22.  Go to the Vintage Wine Fest in September
23.  Complete one project on my scrap/craft list
24.  Pick a color and paint the guest bathroom (half done color is picked!)
25.  Select 4-6 photographs of mine to print, frame, and hang in the house
26.  Tear out the carpeting in the bedroom and office 
27.  Rebuild the stone wall in the garden
28.  Purchase a swim pass and lap swim 2-3x per week (swim pass purchased)
29.  Go to Ren Faire
30.  Go to the dentist
31.  Buy a new point and shoot camera
32.  Revive Couples Supper Club &/or Girls Night Supper Club
33.  Find a new home for Liberty
34.  Start a photo project (color of the week, day in the life, 52 weeks, diptych project)
35.  File the pile of bills in the office
36.  Swing in the hammock with both my favorites

1 comment:

Kristine said...

Now I'm inspired to write a list of my own..which will likely not include as many productive things as yours ;) (ex: put dirty clothes IN the hamper instead of on the floor NEXT to it).