Monday, April 11, 2011

Book List

One of the items from my 35 things before 36 list was to keep track of how many books I read within a year and blog about it....well a little past a year but I'm finally getting around to posting my list.  Good Reads has to be one of my favorite sites to track my books.  I actually doubled my number from last year for this year but sadly I'm making slow progress.  So much so that the tracker decided to admonish me with little tidbits like "you need to hurry up on your goal" and this one today "you're 16% behind"  Hey I read for enjoyment so what if that last title I read was a young adult novel that was seriously only a half inch thick and took me a month to get around to finishing (not read mind you - that I accomplished in an hour).  And 16% of what I ask you?  Stupid algorithm.  I have this bad habit of getting too wrapped up in one thing and every other hobby be damned.  Sadly photography and reading have taken a hit as of late but I'm hoping to change that (along with my blogging)  So here's what I read (39 books total) in 2010.

The Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins

Catching Fire- Suzanne Collins

Good dog. Stay. - Anna Quindlen

House - Frank E. Peretti

Shiver - Maggie Stiefvater

Elsewhere - Gabrielle Zevin

Down River - John Hart

The Elegant Gathering of White Snows - Kris Radish

Dewey The Small Town-Library Cat Who Touched the World - Vicki Myron

The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane - Katherine Howe

Unwind - Neal Shusterman

Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang - Chelsea Handler

The Night Villa - Carol Goodman

The Killer on the Key - E.B. Loan

The King of Lies - John Hart

Graceling - Kristin Cashore

For One More Day - Mitch Albom

The Magicians - Lev Grossman

A Dog Named Christmas - Greg Kincaid

My Tiki Girl - Jennifer McMahon

Wake - Lisa McMann

Her Fearful Symmetry - Audrey Niffenegger

Fade - Lisa McMann

What's Eating Gilbert Grape - Peter Hedges

Everyone is Beautiful - Katherine Center

Life as we knew it - Susan Beth Pfeffer

The Dead and the Gone - Susan Beth Pfeffer

This World We Live In - Susan Beth Pfeffer

The Bright Side of Disaster - Katherine Center

Little Bee - Chris Cleave

Enslaved by Ducks - Bob Tarte

Stay - Allie Larkin

Rescuing Sprite: A Dog Lover's Story of Anguish and Joy - Mark R. Levin

Get Lucky - Katherine Center

Home Repair - Liz Rosenberg

Margarettown - Gabrielle Zevin

Gone - Lisa McMann

A Dog's Purpose - Bruce W. Cameron

Mockingjay - Suzanne Collins

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