Monday, January 11, 2010

Rants, ramblings, & writings

I have attempted to journal so many times and always end up stopping or my entries are sporadic and months apart making no sense when you reread them. And there's another other thing...who really rereads their journal entries? I have on occassion gone back and read over entries from years past....I sound like a blithering idiot, truly. Not to mention the amount of trees it would take if I were a tried and true daily entry person. Then there's the query of what the hell do you do with the journals when full? Seeing as tho they are full of personal statements, ideas, thoughts, etc. Certainly I wouldn't want my family to see them, read them. So here's the beauty of the online blog/journal. I get to save trees, I get to rant and no one will most likely read any of it (haha watch that bite me in the ass). Not to mention there's my good old friend delete if I get silly and post something I should have kept in my head. No real point to this post quite honestly but expect more of posts like it in the future. It's not called rants, ramblings, & writings for nothing after all =)

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