Thursday, January 21, 2010


I have a curious fascination with words.... Not just words, but phrases, initials, monograms, sayings. They can be on anything-plaques, plates, towels, books. Or made of anything; I'm partial to metal and wood they just have a weight that I can feel when I read the words. You can be certain I will find a home for them, in places all over my house-the kitchen, office, reading room, bathroom, & laundry room to name a few rooms that contain a wooden plaque or initial. Maybe it's my love of reading & books that fuels this fascination....I also feel the same sense of importance when it comes to names, maybe that's where the initials come in...who knows. I do know I heard this phrase & it struck a chord with me (big surprise there, if I found it on a plaque I'd probably buy it lol). It said in reference to a name: It's the first thing you are given when you enter this world so it should be with you when you leave it. Sadly enough they were talking about John/Jane Doe victims but it resonated with me enough to remember it. So onto this batch of catch up pictures; due to my calculations from my first post on Nov. 1st until today I'm behind the game on about two weeks worth of shots. This closes the gap a enjoy!

These two hang in my guest bathroom...

Day 77

Day 76

The signs that hang below my photo collage in the entryway.

Day 75

My initials

Day 74

One of my favorite signs from one of my favorite friends...this one fittingly hangs in my reading/scrapbooking room.

Day 73

"My favorite's" initial, it hangs over his desk in our office.

Day 72

My initial, this one hangs over my desk in our office.

Day 71

This one finds its home in our kitchen.

Day 70

The saying you see as you leave through the front door.

Day 69

In the laundry room =)

Day 68

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