Sunday, October 24, 2010

Orange theme challenge

I recently had the chance to enter some of my photos in a themed project for another blog.  On a monthly basis they have a one word project that the current contributors share three photos with their take on the word.  I've inquired a couple times in the past how I could be a part of the project but at the times that I asked they were not accepting new contributors.  Last week however I got the chance to participate and a chance to be selected to be a guest contributor.....cross your fingers!

This months theme was orange to be interpreted any which way you see fit.  I had a few ideas tumbling around in my noggin -leaves, pumpkins, oranges, and was originally going to use just one of those items in the set of three.  Something along the lines of this:

What I went with ended up being something different since I couldn't decide which of those three items would be the best, so I took one out of each idea I felt turned out best and submitted them.  Here's what I went with.  Which do you like best?


Kristine said...

I love the trees!! And I have to agree with David-that picture of the orange slice on the table is really cool! Of course the pumpkin is adorable as well :) Best of luck!!!

gretchen said...

pumpkin definitely! It's so cool how you can see the veins and stuff through the pulpy skin on the inside. good luck!

Jillsy said...

I really like your first set, although on this laptop they are appearing a bit dark, but it's probably my screen. On the second set I like the slice of orange the best!